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About Our Services

Pet Styling by Becki is a full-service pet salon catering to your furry friend’s unique needs. Our natural approach to pet care ensures all products and services are suitable for even the most sensitive pets.

Pet Styling By Becki, Ontario, Peterborough


With a belief that all pets deserve special treatment, we guarantee to be thorough and pay special attention to your pets, especially those who have insecurities or “issues” surrounding the grooming process. We focus on making the entire salon experience a positive one for both you and your pet.

From bathing to haircuts (fancy and standard), to flea and tick treatments, to skin care, moisturizing, anti-dandruff and de-shedding treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great!

Located Right Next Door!

Come wash your pet using professional grooming tubs and equipment!

We book pets in for individual appointments in order to dedicate our full attention to your animal during their visit with us. It is important you arrive on time for your appointment and that your pet is picked up promptly. This keeps our salon schedule running smoothly and reduces stress on your pet.

Our pet groomers are happy to share their experience and knowledge to help you with your pet’s care. We take the time to discuss your pet’s grooming visit by sharing our observations about skin and coat condition, behaviour and any health concerns to be discussed with your veterinarian. We can offer suggestions on how to care for your pet’s skin and coat at home, and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Sanitary trimming (if necessary)
  • And styling of your choice!

Add-On Sevices

Although nail trims are included with every grooming package at PSBB, most pets require their nails to be trimmed approximately every four weeks.

We have a five-step de-shedding process that involves the use of revolutionary products and specialized tools to safely and effectively remove shed coat from your pet. This extra service aids in controlling the amount of hair your pet drops around your house and is most effective when your pet begins a shed cycle.

All pets with fleas are given a flea bath immediately to prevent the transmission of parasites to other pets in our care. We use an all-natural pesticide-free flea bath.

This service is over and above the standard ear-wiping procedure that is performed on every pet during their grooming. After carefully plucking the hair, an all-natural, gentle ear wash is applied to the dog’s ear to flush out debris and soothe irritation. This is great for dogs with dirty/stinky ears!

We use an all-natural dental product to aid in your pet’s oral hygiene. You can choose to add toothbrushing to any grooming package or purchase a dental kit for at-home maintenance.

An external expression of the scent glands located under the tail of your pet. This service is offered only with a recommendation from your vet.

Does your pet have dry skin or dandruff? Request your groomer to apply a deep-conditioning treatment that contains oatmeal and aloe during your pet’s bath.

Oops! Did you wait too long between grooming appointments and now your pet is matted? De-matting requires extra time and skill from our groomers and is hard on our sharp equipment. This service is applied as a surcharge (at the groomers discretion) when your pet needs extra care because they have become matted. To avoid these fees, discuss an appropriate grooming schedule with your groomer and make sure to maintain the coat at home by brushing.

Email Reminders

We can set up your client file in our software system to send you automatic appointment reminders. Simply provide us with your email address and cell phone number and you will receive a text or email reminder 2 days before your appointment.

Nail Trimming

Handled with patience and confidence we carefully trim nails of both cats and dogs. Regular trimming is required to ensure their nails do not overgrow and cause health problems.

Natural Shampoos & Products

Pet's skin can be sensitive so we use natural shampoos and conditioners as well as organic spray and treatments to help maintain healthy skin and coats.

Ear Cleaning/Plucking

Using an alcohol-free, non-irritating cleaner we thoroughly remove ear wax and build up. this reduces "doggy odour" as well as helps prevent possible ear infections. Some pets have excess hair in their ear canals which we carefully remove to allow air flow, this process is called plucking.

Blow Drying

An essential part of the grooming process is drying the coat. It is more than just drying; it removes excess hair, separates minor tangles, prevents pets from getting chilled and preps the hair to be trimmed. Our dryers are both powerful and whisper quiet for the more sensitive pets.

Brushing Your Pet & Hair Removal

Positive reinforcement and calm, assertive energy is used to encourage your pet's cooperation during the brushing process. Many pets do not enjoy this part of the grooming process, so we use specialized tools to ensure that the most humane approach is taken in this part of your pet's salon experience.